How much can I sell my cell tower lease for?

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We Help People Sell Cell Tower Lease Easements

It’s not easy to sell a cell tower lease, but Tower Genius can take the guesswork out of the cell tower lease buyout process.


One of the biggest and most common mistakes that cell tower landlords make is not getting a second opinion from an independent wireless industry professional about their cell tower lease buyout offer and perpetual easement sale before they sell and complete the lease buyout transaction. We could list countless examples of phone calls and emails that we receive by people who have sold their cell tower leases but received improper guidance of didn’t know what they were doing and get less than stellar results. Tower Genius eliminates the cell tower lease buyout learning curve, helps cell site landlords maximize the value of their cell tower lease assignments and makes sure that they are not getting taken to the cleaners by the lease buyout industry.


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Tell us about your cell tower property.

It’s quick, easy, and free! Call us at anytime toll free at 888-313-9750 of fill out the contact form on this site and then send us your cell tower lease agreement.

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We’ll review your site and your lease.

Tower Genius will quickly review and evaluate your cell tower lease agreement, look at your site location and any buyout offers you have.

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We present you with a service offering.

We provide you with a no-obligation consulting service offering that is tailored to your site-specific needs and goals, without the hard sell.

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We guide you through the buyout.

Selling your cell tower lease easement doesn’t happen overnight, and can take as little as 30 to 60 days, or typically about 2-4 months.

Timeframe:  Once Tower Genius receives all of your lease documents, payment statements and other information, most of our clients are able to sell their cell tower lease rental streams and complete their lease buyout transactions in about 2 to 4 months, depending on what provisions are present or absent in their lease agreements, title issues and if your mortgage company is cooperative or not.

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START HERE: We help cell tower landlords in the United States who have decided to sell their cell tower lease rental streams, and want to make sure they get the transaction right! Whether you are selling your cell tower lease now, or sometime in the future, we can help you to make sure you maximize your deal, and get answers your questions.
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Selling Your Cell Tower Lease Should Be Quick And Simple

Tower Genius LLC has helped hundreds of cell tower landlords since 2008, who have decided to sell their cell site lease easements. Because we are consultants with zero conflicts of interest — meaning that we don’t get paid on both sides of the deal like most other companies in this industry — we’re able to provide you with unbiased assistance to make sure that you are always getting the best possible deal. Our goal is to make certain that you get top dollar and the best terms for your cell tower lease buyout transaction.

We can help you obtain lease buyout pricing that most cell tower landlords simply can never get. If the telecom lease buyout companies sense that you want to sell your cell tower lease quickly, or that you are unfamiliar with the cell tower selling process, you have probably already lost that negotiation. We know which buyers of these cell tower lease assets are likely to pay you top dollar, and which ones are not when you are ready to sell your future cell tower lease rental income.

Don’t sit up at night worrying about if you are getting a good deal or not. At Tower Genius we have your back. We’re in business to help property owners have zero learning curve when it comes to these cell tower lease easement sales, and know that the buyout transaction is truly maximized with the best terms to protect your land underneath the monetized asset, after you have sold it. As we often say at Tower Genius, “we love ugly cell towers!”

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