How much can I sell my cell tower lease for?

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Compare Tower Genius Vs. Other Lease Buyout Consultants

There are so many things to consider when you are selling a cell tower lease. Choosing a cell tower lease buyout consultant who has your back is a very important hurdle for cell tower landlords to overcome. Hopefully we can make your choice easier.

Selling a cell tower lease? Compare your cell tower lease buyout consultant options:

 Other Consultants Tower GeniusBenefit to Cell Tower Landlord
Conflicts of Interest:Besides what you pay them, 90% are getting a fee from your buyer. NoneFees maximized along with peace of mind when selling.
Motivation:Majority of consultants aren’t they to get hired to consult, they really want to buy your cell tower easement and don’t actually work for you.We work for you only.You don’t have to lose sleep wondering if the consultant is work with your best interest in mind.
Fees:Most consultants or brokers in this space will charge you 6% or 7% or more when you sell your lease and they also get paid by the seller in most instances. When you win, we win.Confidence in knowing you are getting the best deal and terms possible with transparency.
Years of Experience:Sadly, many of the “cell tower lease experts and consultants” in the industry print falsehoods on their websites greatly exaggerating their years of cell tower leasing experience. 50+ years between Kevin and SteveYou can be highly confident when hiring us that this is not our first rodeo.
Names of Partners or Ownership:If you take a close look at all of the “cell tower lease buyout companies or brokers” online, half of the websites don’t even list the names of their Senior Staff or Partners.Our bios are posted.Verifiable background information is essential if you are going to entrust us with helping you to sell your cell tower lease.
Google Reviews:Most of the lease buyout consultant firms either do not have a Google Business Directory listing or many of their review sound like they were written by a cousin. We have real Google Reviews.Having actually client reviews that we did not have to pay for helps cell tower landlords
LinkedIn Profiles:Many of the cell tower lease consultants in this space have very thin or non-existent LinkedIn profiles. Kevin and Steve have are easily vetted.While having a LinkedIn is not for everyone, anybody who is in this business and does not have on raises questions.
Invite Them Over For Dinner?Some of the consultants working in this space are wonderful. However 90% of them would probably try to steal your silverware.Yes! 100%The Tower Genius team are the kind of people you would enjoy sitting down and breaking bread with.

Here at Tower Genius LLC, we don’t chase cell tower landlords. In fact, we have never cold called or mass mailed to acquire any of our clients since we started doing this in 2008. We’ve helped thousands of cell tower landlords win at the cell tower negotiation table.

And Tower Genius Can Help You Too…

Here at Tower Genius LLC, we will work with you the cell tower landlord and your attorney to navigate the cell tower lease buyout transaction with whomever you choose to sell your easement to. We don’t care who you sell it to, as we do not have a horse in that race. We do care that you are not getting taken advantage of and that your deal has the best pricing and terms possible.

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We don’t care how much or how little your cell tower lease rental payment is. All clients get the same “Genius Mode” white glove treatment where we work for you.

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We will remove the stress and learning curve from the lease buyout process. No guesswork, no fast talk from the buyout companies, when we have you back.

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START HERE: We help cell tower landlords in the United States who have decided to sell their cell tower lease rental streams, and want to make sure they get the transaction right! Whether you are selling your cell site lease now, or sometime in the future, we can help you to make sure you maximize your deal, and get answers your questions.
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If you compare cell tower lease buyout consulting companies, there really is no comparison.

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Get a second opinion

When you compare Tower Genius to other “similar” kinds of companies there really is no comparison. We are unbiased. We have no conflicts of interest. We have more combined wireless infrastructure experience than any other consulting firm in the USA. And we only work for you, the property owner.

When if comes to selling your cell tower lease, it pays to get a second expert, unbiased opinion.

Recently, a cell tower landlord who had already negotiated a $2 Million cell tower lease buyout deal for themselves, came to Tower Genius un the recommendation of their attorney to get a second opinion before selling their cell tower and cell tower lease to a third party buyer.

About three months after hiring Tower Genius as their consultant, this cell tower landlord was able to complete the buyout sale transaction for $700,000*** more than they had previously negotiated. (*** I suppose we need to say “results not typical” — because not everyone calls Tower Genius for a second opinion.)

Calling Tower Genius about your cell tower lease buyout won’t cost you a dime. But not calling Tower Genius about your lease buyout could possibly cost you a small fortune, or about $700,000.

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